Advances in Corrosion Protection by Organic Coatings

20TH – 24TH JULY 2020

The last ACPOC was organised in 2015 by Stuart Lyon. The next event, organised in collaboration with the Institute of Corrosion will take place at Christ`s College, Cambridge, from the 20th to the 24th July 2020.

ACPOC has a single-session format with scheduling reminiscent of a Gordon Conferencve. The unique setting of the medieval college provides an unrivalled environment for academic discourse.


Christ`s College is situated in the city centre and suited high-quality, student-style accommodation with private facilities, has been reserved for ACPOC. Given the collegiate nature of the conference it is expected that delegates would normally use the College rooms.

Alternative accommodation are available in Cambridge, however, due to peak tourist season, suitable vacancies may be limited.